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Thank you for joining us and thank you for the memories.



14624 SE 104th St, Choctaw, OK

A short 20 minutes east of OKC.  The field is on 104th St, just west of the corner with Choctaw Rd.




Please check our calendar for special events.

events calendar


Open Play:

$20 per day per person.

$35 first-time player package, which includes admission, rentals, goggles, and BBs.






At Lykos Airsoft the number one rule is don't be a JERK.


Eye Protection

​All players are highly encouraged to wear “full seal” ANSI 787.1 rated eye protection. However, we only require ANSI 787.1 rated eye protection with retention. Eye protection must be worn at all times when on the field.


All weapons must meet FPS requirements. Players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.

Chronograph using .32g BBs. Hopup to be turned off, .32G BBs will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game.

All Weapons systems that use an external air source (i.e. PolarStars / Classics) will be required to use a “tournament” lock on their in-line regulator(s).

Staging Area

While in the staging area, pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed and the chamber cleared.

Weapon Classes: FPS / Joule Chart

Standard rifles/Pistols 
Must use semi-automatic at all times, Chronograph at 1.5 Joule max and have no minimum engagement distance.

Bolt Action Rifles 
Chronograph at 2.8 Joule max Has a 100-foot engagement distance.

Squad support weapons 
MAY operate in FULL-AUTO Mode, Chronograph at 1.85 Joule max, Have a Minimum Engagement Distance of 60 feet.



Reloading of magazines is ONLY permitted at respawn locations.


Grenades / Smoke

Pyro of any type is NOT allowed (including but not limited too: pull ring smoke and bangers, "blank" firing devices).

CO2 and green gas grenades are permitted, BB must strike a player to be counted (no kill radius).

Player Death

Player Hits

In order to be eliminated from a game you must be struck by a BB - there is no other way!


Safety Kills

Lykos Airsoft does not recognize ‘safety kills’. We are here to get shot, so shoot each other.

Dead Rag

All players are encouraged to use a large, bright red 'dead rag' to signify they have been killed. Upon being hit the player will immediately stop any forward movement, raise a hand and return to their re-spawn. Players are not required to yell 'hit', but you can choose to do so if you wish.

Dead players will not communicate with other players in any way other than to signify they are dead. 


Download Printable Field Map

104th St. & Choctaw Rd.​

(405) 724.6549


For any general questions, please email:

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Lykos Airsoft is now Closed

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